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The Champagne Lounge... 

stripper 4.jpg
Welcome to my Champagne Lounge!
What to expect; professional stripper pole, cosmic lighting that includes black lights, disco ball, laser lights that hypnotically dance on the ceiling and cascade gently on the interior of the whole room​, a fog machine that you get to control, customized music sets from the 70's, 80's and 90's...special requests are honored with notice. You get a sensual steamy atmosphere like no other VIP room you have seen in London before. The best part; it's PRIVATE; just you and me! Did I mention that I have a round bed?


Drinks included! Enjoy premium spirits, my signature Margarita, an ice cold beer or a bit of bubbly while I entertain you.

Private Strip Tease Now Available!!!

Not a fan of FS? I have now introduced the ultimate Cosmic Bodyslide. This playful yet intensly erotic experience includes dreamy cosmic lighting and sexy music... we will use glo-body paints and warm oil; use your imagination - the scenarios are deliciously endless!
As a fan of  80's music, this "Blondie" has added "Psychedelic" (Furs) lighting, "Ultra" (Vox) glow-in-the-dark sexy-goo and many "Spoons" full of fun that will put you in the right (Depeche) "Mode."
Of course, if you would prefer to swing by for a Power-Hour of fun, we can "Journey" to harder musical tastes that you may "Warrant."
Unfortunately this only "Human" (League) lady has no talent to appreciate the "Art of Noise" (rap) but country music - and other decade music suggestions are very welcome!


"Talk" (Talk) to me about how you'd like your happy ending; I hope to be your "Cure" and you can be my "Romeo Void".
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