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Client Etiquette Guidelines

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  • Please come to your appointment on time. If something comes up and you are unable to make it; please cancel with me and I'll be happy to arrange another time with you.​ Cancelling is very considerate; "No-Show" means never again.  I respect your time, please respect mine.

  • If you haven't had the chance to shower before your appointment, that's okay; I will provide you with shower facilities and a large choice of men's toiletries to accommodate you.​​

  • My rates are not negotiable. Please come prepared and leave your donation on the bar when you arrive. Please do not make me ask you as this is awkward for both of us. I do not carry change. Don't be offended if I count it in front of you.


  • I will provide you with my address the day of your appointment, shortly before your arrival time. I do not text my address; be prepared to call me close to your scheduled time. Please cancel if necessary - I DO NOT see "No Shows".


  • If you have a fetish, or would like to request something that is different than my advertized services, please ask ahead of time so we can avoid unpleasant awkwardness. I no longer provide fetish to new clients but if you have seen me before, I'm open to your fantasies! I want our time together to be as enjoyable as possible, and I am open to suggestions; however, I only do what both you and I are comfortable with.

  • I only accept text/calls from unblocked numbers; no exceptions.

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